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Traeger is More Than a Grill!


What is a wood pellet grill?

Wood pellet grills burn wood to effectively cook your food with a wood-fired taste that is second to none. But how does a wood pellet grill actually work? There are five main components that work together to create your fire and an even temperature for precise cooking every time you use your Traeger wood fired grill.


1. Hopper

The hopper holds 100% pure hardwood Traeger pellets, which come in a variety of flavors. 

2. Controller The controller delivers and maintains even temperatures throughout cooking, much like an oven.

3. Auger The auger transports your wood pellets from the hopper to the fire pot. 

4. Fire Pot The fire pot contains a hot rod, which starts the fire, and a fan to continuously stoke the fire. This creates a convection of heat spinning around your food. 

5. Drip Tray The drip tray does two main things. It keeps direct flames off of your food to prevent burning, and it catches food drippings, which also prevents burning caused by flare ups. *Cover your drip tray with Traeger Aluminum Drip Tray Liners for easy clean up!

Why use a wood pellet grill?

There are many reasons to use a wood pellet grill, but four reasons stand out above the rest. Wood pellet grills offer better flavor, are easy to use, offer versatility to cook in may different ways, and provide consistent temperatures for consistent cooking.


Traeger’s signature flavor comes from the real hardwood pellets used to fire each and every Traeger grill. Traeger owners and BBQ enthusiasts agree wood-fiery flavor just tastes better than charcoal or gas. 



Traeger's digitally controlled convection heating system simplifies cooking. With easy temperature settings, much like an oven, you're able to take your eyes off of your grill without sacrificing the food. Traeger is giving you freedom to enjoy your cookouts again!



Traeger grills are so versatile that you can cook six different ways: grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ to become a true grill master. Cook hot and fast or low and slow, just set the temperature and go! 



Once you master a recipe, you would like to consistently cook the same each and every time. Traeger allows you to do so by managing the temperature for you. No more constantly tending to the fire.

How does a Traeger grill light?

To light your Traeger grill, first make sure the power switch is off. Then, plug in your grill. You'll want to make sure the hopper is full of pellets and your RTD temperature probe is nice and clean. 

Open the grill lid, turn the power switch on, and set your temperature dial to smoke. It should take about 4-5 minutes before the fire gets started and you hear that jet engine sound in your grill. Next, close your grill lid, set the dial to your desired temperature, and you're off and Traegering!

*If you have a 2016 Pro Series grill with the new controller and the advanced grilling logic, make sure you close your grill in the start up cycle within about 2-3 minutes. You just want to make sure you do this because the new controllers fire up the grill a little bit faster. 

Cook like a Pro with Traeger accessories! Check out Traeger's chicken hanger! Depending on the size of your Traeger grill, you'll be able to fit 2-3 chicken hangers. Each hanger holds 12 chicken legs, and the hanger is dishwasher safe! Convected heat will circulate around and push the heat to the center of your chicken. Because your chicken is hanging, it's self-basting for the juiciest chicken yet!

Where can I buy Traeger products?

Traeger grills, wood pellets, and grill accessories can be purchased online or stop in today, and start Traegering!